Welcome to Manna Gum Massage. Truly Australian, surrounded by farmland and the Wombat State Forest on the outskirts of Ballan in Victoria.

At Manna Gum, the focus is on each client as an individual. Your wellbeing and health is paramount and can be greatly assisted through the art of massage.

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Therapy Choices



Michael offers relaxation massage with the use of different essential oils depending on your preference. A great way to just let go, unwind, de-stress and feel balance in all your muscles.

Remedial &
Deep Tissue


For clients wanting relief from tightness, restricted movement, chronic pain, or who may be going through rehabilitation,  Michael provides remedial massage incorporating deep tissue and trigger point therapy to assist your needs.

Sports massage is also offered to improve training, conditioning and recovery of specific muscle groups.

Deep Tissue therapy creates increased blood flow in targeted muscles, greatly assists the lymphatic system and breaks up adhesions.


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Certified Remedial Massage Therapist

Assn of Massage Therapists Member

Consultations by appointment only. There are many different appointment times to assist you as well. Appointments vary from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour and 90 minutes.

Call or Text: 0451 856 484

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73 Blakeville Road Ballan


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